Use PIKNIK legs and put yours to rest!
PIKNIK is based in the Rhone Alpes Region and offers people, architects, and designers a new range of table legs that are handcrafted and manufactured locally. Made of steel with epoxy painting, they will help you create your own custom table or give your vintage table top a second life.
Our offering of 18 models will give you various opportunities to create unique styles for your indoor or outdoor tables and will adapt perfectly to your needs.

PIKNIK is a story that began at the “BOULLE SCHOOL”.
This story is about two product design students who went to the same school to work towards their dream; starting with companies such as Armstrong World Industries, 3Form, Tag Heuer Sport Vision, Decathlon.
They reconnected in Paris several years ago, relocated to the Rhone Alpes region between Lyon and Grenoble, and now develop their own applications and products locally and abroad.
The 300m² PIKNIK workshop was born in Rochetoirin (38) France; an exciting place where designers, carpenters, woodworkers, architects and graphic designers meet daily.